4 Conversation Starters for Dog Owners You May Recognize

4 Conversation Starters for Dog Owners You May Recognize

Walking a dog could be considered a social activity, every time we go out for a walk we will likely meet at least a few dogs and their owners. Especially, in the dog park or at the corner of the street, your dog will probably want to say hi to its friends. As a dog owner you can either wait in silence and stare at your dog or start a quick conversation with the other dog owner simply by asking questions about their dog. Obviously, you will respond and not your dog..

Some conversation starters that we heard many times when we walked Fritz.


Dog and Friends

How Old?

We just keep it short and sweet, because we have been asking this many times. We know we don’t ask the human’s age. It’s about the dog. “How Old”. I think this is a pandemic dog thing. Most of the answers I got are between 1 and 2 years old (or 15 months old). “Oh still a puppy, how cute. Have a good one”.

Tip: If you really want to know the dog owners age. We recommend using the Updog Date app ;-)


What kind of breed is your dog?

Obviously, we did the DNA test like many others, and he is Big Milkshake with all kinds of flavors. “Stubborn Retriever” Barking Shepherd, IonlylistenwhenIwant Terrier, Smart Dog and lots of love mutt.

Where did you adopt your dog?

Personally, I like this question because I have heard so many heartbreaking rescue stories. One day I met a woman in the park that adopted her dogs from a shelter that rescued dogs from a fire accident. The two little pups survived the fire, but she didn’t know what happened with the owners. One of the dogs has sadly an injured foot. However, the owner  gave her very good paw protection so the dog can play happily in the park. When the owner wanted to give her dogs some water from the sprinkler, I noticed how insanely happy these dog got as this reminded them of the firefighters that rescued them from the blazing heat. I realized how lucky these dogs are with owner that decided to adopt them together.


Walking the Dog

Do you bring your dog to the park?

Yea! We do bring Fritz to the park. Although we know that a dog park is not for every dog. Fritz love to meet you there and play! 



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