Shipping policy

We will ship your order between 3-4 business days after the order is placed. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail or text message.*

How much does shipping cost?

  • Shipping costs for all orders below $64.99 USD are $4.99 USD (Within the USA).
  • Shipping is free within the USA + CA (additional import tax may apply) for all orders of $65.00 USD and over.
  • Shipping is free to Europe for all orders of $150.00 and over.
  • We also ship to certain countries in Europa and the UK. Shipping costs will be calculated per order.
  • We ship to Canada at a flat rate of $14.00
  • We ship to Europe with a flat rate of $25.00(minimum order is $80,00), additional import taxes may apply. All shipping costs below the minimum rate will be calculated per order.

Where do you ship?

Currently, we ship in the USA, except Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and other USA non-mainland territories.

We also ship to Canada, Europe, and the UK.

When you have any more questions about our shipping policy, please contact us via