Size Guide

All dogs are different, that's why we have multiple sizes. Our collars and harness are easy to adjust based on your dogs size. We recommended sizing your dog's neck, chest and girth with a measuring tape before adding your collar, leash, harness and bandana to your shopping bag.

We recommend a smaller leash for dogs under 20lb, the small leash is more lightweight and a little shorter. All leashes have three attachment points to way them in multiple lengths and ways.



Our fully recycled beds are currently available in two sizes 35 x 25 inch (88 x 63 cm) and 40 x 31 (101 cm x 79 cm)  and fits best for small to medium size dogs (that look) like Corgis, Pitbulls, Vizla, Beagles, Shibas etc.







Any questions about size, product or something else? Please contact us.