4 enrichment ideas for your dog

4 enrichment ideas for your dog


The winter cold seems to end, with some warmer days in between, we are optimistic for more extended strolls in the city or a great hike in the sun. But in between, we noticed that we spent long days inside to beat to cold. This can be cozy. But for Fido, it could be boring sometimes. All dogs need brain stimulation to not get bored or stay happy both mentally and physically. There are tons of enrichment communities on Facebook and Social Media to follow and inspire. We listed our favorite enrichment ideas for your dog here.


 📸:Marcel Kovačič

Towel Hide and Seek

Grab an old towel and spread it out first. Sprinkle a few treats over the towel and then roll it up nicely. Your dog needs to carefully open up the towel and work for treats.

Or hide the treat in the towel and make a big knot even more difficult. 

Tupperware Brain Games

Get a bunch of Tupperware boxes and fill them with treats. Place the treats under flipped boxes and place them in front of your dog. Shuffle the boxes and ready to get the treats out of the boxes.


Enrichment games Nina Ottoson

We love the brain games of Nina Ottoson. Besides, we love the design (especially the wood ones), they are durable, and Fritz loves to puzzle. They gave different levels and styles.



Hide treats in denim toy

You can also hide treats in an upcycled denim toy. Get some small rewards and hide them in the openings of the knots of the toy. Your dog loves to work for his treats! And will get satisfied and tired after playtime. I


These are all durable and sustainable ways to stimulate your dogs brain. Remember, 5 minutes of brain games and using the nose equals 30 min play fetch or tug of war. We strongly recommend always supervising your dog while playing games and never leaving your dog unattended with games or objects to eat the game or toys besides the treats you provided.




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