5 eco friendly tips for dog owners

5 eco friendly tips for dog owners

Since the pandemic, more and more people have adopted a dog. Many people were looking for a companion while they stayed home, which unfortunately led to full shelters. However a lot of dogs found their forever home, which means our lifestyle also received an additional duty of caring for our dogs, which isn't sustainable for our planet. We like to share some easy tips with you that are easy and affordable to use.




Use 100% recycled plastic poop bags

Try to save plastic as much as you can, and instead, try to use 100% recycled poopbag. According to a recent article in the wildest about compostable poop bags, "They contain materials already in the system and bound for the trash since recycled materials must eventually be thrown away. Also, unlike their bioplastic counterparts, they do not release methane." Can you imagine the number of dogs in the city (New York only we have 600.000 dogs) doing at least 1-2 times per day number 2 and using a single plastic bag for this occasion?
Also, check out our poop bag carrier, made from recycled bottles.


📸: Erika Fletcher

Clean your dog's paws with a washable cloth

It's cheaper and more sustainable, everybody has old cloth that they aren't using for their household activities. Use an old cloth for your dog's dirty paws after a dag in the park or a walk in the rain. Most washing machines will be able to clean your dog's old washable cloth.


Buy durable leashes that last longer

The more dogs, the more leashes and collars we need. As we know, Fido likes to chew sometimes on things they are not supposed to. Easy nylon leashes may not last long as durable leashes. Our leashes are durable and last longer. Besides, we advise you to store your dog's leash out of reach for your own, your pup's, and your leash safety ;)

Borrow and swap brain games from friends

We know your dog is intelligent and likes to puzzle, and therefore he gets quickly bored as he knows the tricks. Just swap interactive brain games with your friend or somebody from the dog park. It's a money and store saver! Plus, your dog will like it!


Buy Upcycled Toys

From my own experience, toys marketed as solid and durable will not last longer than 5 minutes. Fritz is a wild and robust Tug of war player, and I spend a lot of money on toys that I had to throw away within one day. Our upcycled toys are durable and got a second life as they are made from preloved high-quality jeans. This means they are extra durable and strong.



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