5 things do to in the city with your dog you didn't know.

5 things do to in the city with your dog you didn't know.

With the holidays around the corner, you may think about how to spend the festive times with your beloved ones and with your dog. The city has so many things to do but obviously not all of them are dog friendly.

Surprisingly, there are stil many activities you can do with you dog that are actually very dog friendly. Although we love to do things and give Fritz some 'Me Time' now and then, we think it is just amazing that there are things to do with our dogs. Let's list them up here below;


Check out New York Skylines with the NYC ferry.

NYC ferries welcomes behaved dogs. It's a great way to see the city from the east river, and we promise amazing views. In the winter it might be a bit chilly to sit on the deck, but indoors is still great and they have a bar for the necessary booz. Tip: Plan a day trip to Staten Island. It is open during the winter season and you and your dog will love it!


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Off leash Hours Central Park

Something we didn't know is that dogs are actually allowed to walk off leash in Central Park between 9pm and 9am. A reason to love this beautiful park more and more. There are some areas where many dogs are playing with each other. Or just pick a nice lawn and play fetch or frisbee. Be aware that some areas could be still dangerous to walk your dog off leash as there is traffic going on.

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Climbing at Indoor Climbing Halls

One of the greatest sports activities in the city where you can bring your dog. Go climbing indoors and bring your furry friend. There are tons of climbing halls that are dog friendly. Nope, dogs won't climb with you, but you can let him watch (on leash) you while you are bouldering and your dog is getting pet by fellow climbers. Isn't this great?

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Off leash hours Prospect Park

One of our favorite day trips with Fritz is going to Prospect Park. The most beautiful park in Brooklyn and a great park for dogs. They even have a dog beach that is great for hot summer days. Off leash hours are between  9 p.m. to 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. Find more info here.


Dog Yoga (Doga)

Have you ever practiced yoga with your dog? If you havent, please schedule your lesson right now. It's so much fun! We did had a yoga class a few weeks ago and we loved it. It was so cool to see how dogs interact with movements and deal with emotion. They may play with you a little bit, I mean its very obvious your dog think you want to play while you practice downward facing dog ;-) but once you are in the relax modus. Most dogs will also calm down. A must for every dog and yoga lover.

Check out Le Doggie Cool for regular Doga Classes.

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