How your dog could help you find your Valentine

How your dog could help you find your Valentine

Next week is Valentine's week, and for those who are still waiting for Cupido to do his work, we can tell that your dog could be the perfect "winggal" or boy to the perfect match. Here is why;


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Dogs are the most social species in the world.

As our dogs are domesticated for decades, we agree that most dogs can live perfectly in most human societies. Studies show that dogs can read our behavior and feelings very well, and this is also how they communicate with other dogs and us. That's why it could take ages to walk just a few blocks and say hi to all the neighbor gals. Your dog wants to high five. For wallflowers, dogs are just perfect for helping you socialize with others, whether in the park, at the coffee shop, or in the elevator.


They are great conversation starters.

How old is your dog? What kind of breed is he? Where did you adopt your dog? Are you going to the park with her? Well, these are great conversation starters to get to know more of the dog plus the owner. Maybe you could host a play date in the park?


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There is a dating app for dog owners.

Don't tell me it's not on your wish list. Your Valentine must love dogs, and owning a dog is a huge plus. Double shot when you find a valentine for yourself and your furry best friend. Download updog dates app here.


The leash spaghetti lady and the tramp kiss

You know that game, dogs playing with each other while leashes are still on. They play wild, and the leashes get mixed up with each other. Holding both leashes and slowly coming to each other sounds like the most romantic lady and the tramp scene.

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