6 Rescue dogs adopted by celebrities

Do celebrities get their dogs from the best breeders? Nope, many true superstars decided to go to a shelter and adopted their furry friend there.

Besides, pet posts are always viral on the gram. We love seeing celebs adopting pets. Yes, there are even more celebs getting their dog from the shelter, for example. Arianne Grande, who adopted ten pups last year!!

Have you spotted one of these famous pups? Here is our list;



Emily Ratajkowski

Emily adopted her cute dog Colombo three years ago and has been spotted regularly in downtown New York. The husky mix is regularly posted on @emrata gram and recently photographed for VOGUE.
We are obsessed with the paparazzi taking photos of Emily and Colombo, strolling through the city.



Dan Levy

Yes, Dan Levy also adopted his dog. The Schitt's Creek superstar adopted his adorable Redmond from the LA adoption fair when Redmond was four years old. He posted a clear message; 'If you are looking for a pet, first make sure you have thought it through and that you have the means to take care of them properly, THEN please please please consider adopting. There are so many animals waiting for a better life."

While writing this blog, we got informed that Redmond passed away last week. We share our deepest love with Dan for losing his best friend.




Phill Rosenthal

Somebody feed Phill is one of my favorite foodie series on Netflix. His passion for traveling and food was one of the best things to keep us up during the lockdown in the middle of the pandemic. I have been following Phil for a while, and we love the daily Murray, his adopted lab mix. Like Phil, Murray is always carrying a smile on his face!
We can't wait for an episode with the most dog-friendly restaurants, Phill!


Jennifer Anniston

Jen adopted her newest rescue Lord Chesterfield and wrote on the gram that she fell in love with him. On the cutest announcement post, you can see Lord Chesterfied fell asleep with a bone in his mouth after chewing. She already has two other rescue dogs named Clyde, a Schnauzer mix, and Sophie, a white Pitt bull.


Oprah Winfrey

When Oprah is doing it, it means it is just right. Oprah became the voice of the homeless dogs. She has advocated for shelter dogs for many years and addressed her show's puppy mills and kill shelter issues. After correspondent Lisa Ling went undercover with her camera into horrible situations of irresponsible breeders and unfair conditions for dogs that need to be euthanized because there are too long in the shelter, Oprah said she would never buy a dog anymore. Now Oprah is a devoted dog mom with three beautiful rescues.



Dua Lipa

She adopted her black dog Dexter and hosted a big pawty with his pals celebrating his first birthday. She says, "Dexter is her best friend and are three paws in a pod."
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