7 Reasons Why We Should Be Thankful For Our Dogs

7 Reasons Why We Should Be Thankful For Our Dogs

It's Thanksgiving! Ready to travel to our families or enjoy time with your best friends. In the Netherlands (my home country) they don't celebrate thanksgiving, so it is one of my first years we celebrate Friendsgiving and yes, we love it. Together with all our friends we met in New York, we booked an AirBnB upstate that is Fritz approved ;-). With this on the planning, I'd like to take a moment to realize what I am grateful for. Since I started this business and adopted Fritz, I am extra thankful for having a dog that brings us so much joy and happiness. Therefore I listed 7 reasons why we should be thankful for our dogs. 



They keep us active 

Whether is it snowy, windy, sunny or rainy, we have to go outside, every single day. We both work from home since the pandemic, that mandatory 60 minutes of daily exercise is definitely a huge benefit. Although sometimes both Fritz and I are not in the mood for a walk and rather stay on the couch, when we are outside again, with fresh air and cold, I am full of happiness.


They keep us happy

I realized that dogs are actually a huge part of keeping us happy. According to multiple studies it says that dogs make our brain producing the oxytocin, the 'cuddle chemical'. I 100% degree with this and can say with no doubt that his helped us and many others dog owners through the pandemic. 


They don't judge

Dogs really don't care how you look like, well at least they don't say it. They don't mind what kind of job you doing or judge you on whatever your opinion is. As long  they get their food, cuddles and walkies. The dog is your best friend. 

They keep you social

Whether you are social person or not. Having a dog makes it so much easier to start a random conversation on the street, in the bar and in the dog park. We love the dog community in our local neighborhood. It's feel great to be part of a community where you meet likeminded people that own a dog. At least you learn a lot about other dogs,  learn tips & tricks and what's happening in the area.


They keep you laughing

Dogs keep me laughing, the way they show their happiness and how they react to things. Fritz howls towards every fire truck or barks at random weird things. Dogs keep me smiling when they are dreaming about playing with friends or how they try to get your attention.


They keep us warm

Whether he sits next to us on the couch or when he sits on my lap in the local brewery. We both benefit for keeping each other warm and that feels so cosy. We can't wait to chill in our thanksgiving getaway in front of the fireplace while reading a book with a Negroni ;-)


They make sure we go home on time

No more excuses for a final drink, maybe less appreciated by our friends but thankful for ourselves because we can always use the dog for an excuse. I mean, we have to be home on time for the final walk and you don't want to be that hangover'ish the next day, right?. Only dog owners will know ;-)

Happy thanksgiving!




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