In the spotlight - Danielle, Founder of Approved by Fritz

In the spotlight - Danielle, Founder of Approved by Fritz

Introducing our in the spotlight! In the upcoming weeks, we will give a podium to the fans of our brands. They will share their favorite spots, sustainable lifestyle tips, and what they are currently training their dog.

We will kick off this campaign with our Founder of ABF, Danielle. Danielle moved to New York City three years ago, now enjoying her life in the city being an entrepreneur. She adopted her dog, Fritz, from South Carolina, and since the beginning, she always looked for the best way to have fun and train her dog.

Who are you, and where do you live?

My name is Danielle; I was born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and I worked as a community brand manager. Before the pandemic, we moved to NYC, where I decided to start my own business in the pet industry. We live in Long Island City, also called Dog Island City. This great dog-friendly neighborhood is one train stop from manhattan with stunning views and lots of dog-friendly breweries. Fritz loves it here.

What does a happy and sustainable lifestyle mean for you and your dog?

A happy and sustainable lifestyle means all small things that make the big things happen. I used to have dogs with my parents, but I read a few books about dog behavior before we adopted Fritz to get a little refresher on how training works. We also watched many youtube videos of Rachel Fusaro and kept on training Fritz every day for just a few minutes. I also read a few books about dog nutrition, and that also opened my mind about how we feed our dogs will benefit in the long term. Lastly, we try to be conscious of how to use products for Fritz and our own lifestyle. No leather accessories, reusable towels, upcycled toys, and recycled plastic poop bags. Also we try to look for vegetarian/vegan treats.

What are your favorite dog-friendly local spots?

We just came back from Getaway House in the Catskills! So lovely and so dog friendly. We love it there. Furthermore, we love the local breweries in Long Island City. You can find us at the Fifth Hammer, Iconyc, or Rockaway Brewery. Sometimes we walk the brewery trail, but with 7 breweries, it is hard to finish. We always go to our friends from the 51st street bakery for coffee. Great coffee and food and outdoor terrace.

What is the happiest part of having a dog?

Like it says in the question, Fritz is always happy, they will never judge you, and he keeps me moving, smiling, and doing fun things together.

What is the most challenging part of having a dog?

Although we try to let he works every day for his food or trains him on his recall. These things take time and a lot of patience. I find it sometimes challenging to keep on training every day. I think Fritz is privileged playing in the dog park with his pack, but I am aware that dogs have their personality too and may not like all dogs and humans. We need to be their voices to prevent unnecessary accidents. And I have a lot of respect for single dog moms and or dads. Having a dog takes time and costs a lot of money.

How do you see yourself with yourself and your dog within 5 years?

Hopefully, he is still with a happy and healthy Fritz, a little toddler that Fritz likes and the other way around, and still has his other dog friends from the neighborhood we met here.

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