Let's Talk About Hot Summer Dogs

Let's Talk About Hot Summer Dogs


Introducing the Let's Talk About Series, a series of the ins and outs of your dog and you. This week we like to talk about Hot Summer Dogs. We left July behind us, but we still have August to go. It can be so warm for your pup. We all need to consider that. Heat waves or warm summer days can be hazardous for your pup. Especially short snouts, young puppies, senior dogs, black dogs, and lots of fur dogs may be at higher risk. We have seen you taking all the needed precautions to beat the heat, and we like to share them with you.

Walk early or very late

Set your wake-up call and prepare that walk set the night before to ensure you go out early for a long walk to tire them out. Mainly in the morning, the temperatures are still comfortable for your dog. A tired dog is a happy dog, and I promise you will enjoy being up so early. During the afternoon walks, take quick potty breaks and walk them in the shade. Once the evening starts, hopefully, temperatures will drop a bit, so you are ready for another long walk combined with dog-friendly ice cream and a refreshing dog pool swim.

Let hem use their nose

We have been using a towel and hiding Fritz's food in the towel for that extra mental stimulation that tires him out. Fritz loves "working" for his food. We love to switch sniffle games. One day we use a towel, the other a sniffle game, we sometimes hide his food throughout the apartment, or we just let him do tricks for his food. A tired dog is a happy dog.


Connect with fellow dog neighbors

We connected with our neighbors and created a play group chat. When it's hot outside, we text or meet at each other's door to let them play together. They love it, and also great to get to know your neighbors.



Bring clean water with you to keep your pup hydrated and chill. Your dog can not sweat, so keeping your dog cool and hydrated is extremely important. We learned from our local dog walker to throw some water on your pup's back and spread it out into his skin to cool skin down. It helps! Our collars and leashes are waterproof, so no need to get stressed about stinky wet dog stuff.

Hot Paws

When it's too hot for your own bare feet, it's too hot for them.
Ensure you prevent them from walking on hot surfaces like steel and concrete. They can burn their feet quickly! And most brave dogs won't tell you. Buy them shoes or walk them in the shade.

What do you do to beat the hot summer dog days? Let us know!



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