Why dogs need more beds.

Why dogs need more beds.

Does your dog only have one bed? Or your dog doesn't have any because they have the privilege of sleeping on the couch or with you in bed. We started with one bed in the crate. But now Fritz has three beds in our one-bedroom apartment. Besides using his beds, he also has his favorite spots on the couch, and yes (sorry, mam), he sleeps in bed.

Dogs sleep 14-20 hours a day
Our furry kids sleep much more hours than we do, and they need it. Imagine laying in the same bed and doing naps in the same spot. You want to provide them with some variety.

Dogs like to follow where you are
Whether you are in the kitchen, bedroom, or living room, your dog most likely wants to follow and take a nap close to where you are. Their loyalty deserves a separate pillow for every room. That looks nice, obviously.

They need to be spoiled
We can not say it enough, but every dog deserves so much love. You can never spoil your dog with an extra bed or pillow. Tip, our recycled beds are made from RPET canvas, which makes them scratch-proof!

Your interior also wants something.
As an interior enthusiast, it makes me happy to build a cozy modern home where we put the lovely extra details in a bed that adds value to your home decor. That is another reason to stay home tonight.


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