Plants You'll Love, Need Low Maintenance & Are Dog Friendly

Plants You'll Love, Need Low Maintenance & Are Dog Friendly

It feels like yesterday that we applied for adopting a dog, and then we realize it's been a year ago that during our virtual interview with the rescue organization, our house was checked whether it was safe for our future dog, a very good thing I believe organizations must do in order to find the right family for the available rescue pup. We have been advised to remove certain toxic plants or level them up. For example, our huge Monstera plant is actually toxic for dogs, so did place the plant on a side chair where it is safe for Fritz now. 

However, most of you will agree that you can never have enough plants in your home. We love green! According to many studies, home plants are good for improving creativity, hydration, relaxation and many other things. 

In order to enjoy plants for both you and your dog, we have made a quick lists of safe and very good looking and low maintenance plants that are not toxic for your dog.

Rattle Snake Plant

Photo Credits: CreativeAxe

Rattlesnake Plant

The Calathea Lancifolia, aka the Rattlesnake plant is part of the Maraontaceae also known as part of the arrowroot family and originally comes from Brazil. This plant is both cat and dog friendly and needs a very little attention.The Rattlesnake is on its best when it is placed out of the direct sunlight. Make sure it got a room temperature between 65 and 75 F. 


Photo Credits: Susan Wilkinson

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is a safe plant for you and your pet to have both indoors as well outdoors in certain dry climates. Although this popular plant is an approved pet plant. We do recommend to level this plant up to prevent playing or chewing with the hairy leaves that may damage your plant and more importantly your dogs stomach. They like to hang or be in a big pot just out of direct sunlight in a bright room. Once acclimated in their "home", spider plants also do well in the sun.


Photo Credits: Muhalls

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

This beautiful house plant loves the sun, needs very little treatment like the cactus and are totally fine to keep with pets. He will be at best in full sun but is also flexible enough to be out of sun however he will grow a little slower.  Although some outdoor ponytails can grow up till 20 feet, most indoor Ponytails keep small and will fit in small apartments.


Photo Credits: diy_by_m_and_j

Boston Fern

One of our favorite plants, the Boston Fern is both low in maintenance and pet friendly. Although you prefer to keep your plants in shape, your dog may take a bite from it.  However we recommend just not feeding your dog any kind of home plants. Just place the Boston Fern in indirect sun light in a cool room with high humidity. Make sure the soil stays damp.


Money Tree

Photo Credits: DanielleHeeren

Money Tree

This plant called the money tree aka Pachira Saquatica and sounds more interesting than it actually is in terms of dinero. It has the looks but not the $$ . Nevertheless, this beautiful plant is worth having it in your living, bed or bath room room. They are easy to grow, (yes they grow fast) and require low maintenance. Avoid direct sunlight and give them some space to grow by providing him a larger pot once in a few months.



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