Our Story

Founded by Danielle, one of the lucky dog owners who got the opportunity to adopt her pup Fritz in 2021. With a background and love for brands, design and dogs, Danielle wanted to not only create a brand that is colorful, sustainable but to also become a responsible brand in the US that takes care of dogs and our planet. 

Fritz, our CEAO Chief Entertainment and Approval Officer ;-) is a rescue from South Carolina, a happy pup that is also a little stubborn and spoiled. As a modern dog mom, Danielle, wants to make sure all dogs get the best treatments they can. That being said, in the end, it's the dog, Fritz who approves ;-).

The city inspired us.

During the lockdown, New York City was left behind and kept vibrant by all the dogs and their owners. The city that used to be filled with a busy city lifestyle, showed its beauty with its iconic color combinations. For example, color combinations of New York subway seats, yellow and orange or lilac and grey. Usually the seats are filled with people, but during the pandemic it showed its beauty and happiness, even when it was empty. 
Also, when Danielle walked from Long Island City to Brooklyn, there are lots of colorful murals and garages that are beautifully painted. While the neighborhood was empty, the colors and people with their dogs kept the city alive.


Our Mission.

Our mission is to create colorful and modern pet lifestyle products for the modern day dog owner with a sustainable mindset. Besides our colorful and sustainable pet essentials, we want to share lifestyle tips so that we can enjoy our pups for as long as they can live, not just for a few years.

Join our mission to become the most colorful, modern and sustainable pet brand. This is not an easy journey and as small female owned business, we are aware that we have a long way to go and are happily continuing on our journey to reach our goal. Please find a list below what we currently do to make an impact;
  • We are a small woman owned business and work with diverse talented people that matches Approved By Fritz's company values.
  • Leashes and Collars are made in eco-friendly circumstances.
  • Our beds and poopbag carriers are made from recycled plastic bottles (RPET) certified by the global recycled standard.
  • We collaborate with local sustainable brands that make a difference.
  • Our packaging material is made from recycled and compostable materials.
  • We love all dogs and we specifically promote rescues as we believe all dogs deserve their forever home. 
  • We support local nonprofit rescue organizations that work extremely hard to rescue all the dogs that need a safe place. We are supporting them by donating supplies and organizing regular fundraising events.
  • Last not least, we believe human education is key for a lifetime enjoyable life with your dog. We share tips for you and your pup based on behavior, health and lifestyle. If you want to write a blog or start a collaboration. Contact us via contact@approvedbyfritz.com