A little bit of training a day..

A little bit of training a day..

Maybe this is a bit different than what you are used to see from us. As a dog accessory brand we mainly post about what we offer, as part of being a lifestyle brand. However, a lifestyle goes way beyond buying sustainable products for your dogs. 

Walking your dog is probably part of your daily routine, you may have your fixed route you walk everyday. But don’t you feel sometime a bit bored by walking that same block. 

We did, and we still walk the same route mostly everyday, but we try to add an little train session everyday to have first, a lot of fun and second keep on working on the relationship I have with my dog. 

There was a moment I kind of got lazy in training fritz anymore as he was fine with the basics, but then I noticed he became bored, frustrated and in need for some extra simulation. We started back to basic and took it from there. 

Now when I look back at it, I think Fritz and I made such a huge improvement on training, our relationship and my trust in Fritz. 

Training your dog (almost) everyday is in our opinion something that could be a great added value to a great sustainable lifestyle with your dog.

And when adding a colorful leash, collar and poop bag carrier, that is just that extra factor for an extra happy walk ;-)

Do you train your dog? Let us know!

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