In the spotlight - Poppy

In the spotlight - Poppy


This week in the spotlight, our friends from Vancouver; Poppy (@lollypoppy_is) and her mom Jessica. They are one of our first ambassadors, and we think this is such a powerful and inspirational team. Poppy was adopted 1,5 years ago via leash saving lives, and they now live their best lives going on hikes, beaches, and spending time with their local dog community.

They recently found out that one of her sisters got abandoned on the streets 2800 miles (4600 km) away from them. They decided to pick her up, and her sister, now called Willow, is safe and trying to find her forever home. You can follow and support Willow here.

Who are you and your dog, and where do you live?

I am Jessica, and this is our dog, Poppy. We live in Vancouver, BC.

 What do a happy and sustainable for you and your dog mean?

It means shopping local and supporting local brands that align with our values as much as possible. We love Fritz because they support local rescues and advocate adopting, if possible. 



What are your favorite dog-friendly spots?

Local dog-friendly spots. We have many local spots we love! Our community has many off-leash dog beaches where we can enjoy throwing a stick and meet new friends. If you are in town, we highly recommend Barkside Brewery in the summer.


What is your happiest part of having a dog?

The happiest part about having a dog is unlimited snuggles and watching them navigate the world and win. Training can be challenging at times but when you are patient and see them succeed in something scary, or they might be unsure about is a proud moment, for sure. 


What is the most challenging part of having a dog?

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet on how to do things and the most challenging part is navigating what the right thing to do is for you and your pet. We have an amazing community that is so supportive and loving that it makes having a dog as part of our family the biggest reward. 



 How do you see yourself with Poppy within 5 years?

In the future, we hope to be a certified therapy dogs through our local agency. This will allow us to visit schools and care homes to continue advocating for Poppy as a bully breed.


Want to like Poppy and Fritz? Use Poppy20 to get 20% off on your order. 

All photos are made my Poppy's Mom, Jessica.

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