One Year of Approved by Fritz! (and many to go)

One Year of Approved by Fritz! (and many to go)

Happy birthday to us! It's our first birthday since we launched our website. I can't believe what we have achieved so far! We started this brand in the middle of the pandemic to build a lifestyle brand for modern pet owners and their dogs focusing on sustainability. We got overwhelmed by all the positive feedback we received and what we reached during our journey so far.

The day we launched and the moment we received our first order.

We started with only collars, leashes, upcycled bandanas, and poop bag carriers and added a new color combination, the fritzbee, a checkered harness and soon we will launch our fully recycled bed. Where started from zero to sixteen (!!!) stores worldwide. From Paris to Vancouver, New York to La, Philadelphia to Antwerp, and more! We have shipped more than 500+ orders, we launch a give back program for dog shelters in need, and last but not least we have set up a brand ambassador program to build a community of like-minded dog people that are proud to represent our brand.

Our friends and support at the markets this summer.

We made new friends, and, we met amazing people and dogs in the city, on social media, and during our pop-up shops. We are incredibly grateful to our retailers that work with all their love and passion.

Starting a business in the pet industry is competitive but what thrives us most is to see all the happy human faces and all the happy tails when they see and wear our colorful products. Besides, no words can describe when we see dogs randomly walking with our products on the street or friends send me pictures.

This is just the beginning of our journey. We keep on developing our products and are thrilled to add more in the future.

Lots of Love,

Danielle & Fritz 🐾


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