Why we love pet concept stores.

Why we love pet concept stores.

Approved by Fritz just entered his second year in business and we got so inspired by all the cool dog concept stores we met on social media and represented our brand. Since the pandemic, many new pet concept stores have opened that want to make a difference in style and approach compared to traditional pet stores.

We are now in 25+ concept stores worldwide, from New York to Paris, from Vancouver to Singapore and from London to LA. And hope to be in your favorite local pet store. Here is why we love them;

Carefully curated
Pet concept stores carefully curate their collection. It's not only making money, but the pet concept stores we work with are also a brand themselves and show their values through their brands.

Pet concept owners know A LOT about dogs and are happy to share their knowledge with you. They always have their recommendations and try most products themselve.

Customer focused
There is a very high chance that they at least love your dog. They always do their best to make sure you leave the shop with a happy face, and something you needed or didn't know could make you so happy. That's why they love what they do.

Local Community
Small Pet Concept Stores love the local vibes as much as you do. They know everything that is going on in the neighborhood and always tries to support other local businesses.

Do you like to shop Approved by Fritz in your favorite local pet store? Check out our stockist list, or let us know in the comment below your favorite stores you want us to be in.

Are you a store that want to carry our brand? Check out here.

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