Dog starter kit

A dog starter kit from Approved by Fritz is the ideal first purchase after you just have become a proud owner of a young, healthy, and happy pup – or if you recently adopted a shelter or rescue dog. As a New York-based sustainable pet lifestyle brand, we offer a beautiful collection of durable dog accessories manufactured in eco-friendly circumstances, mainly using recycled fabrics and materials.

  • Sustainable pet lifestyle products
  • Inspired by New York City
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  • Upcycled Denim Dog Toy
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A dog starter kit contains durable and colorful pet essentials

Are you looking for the perfect leash and collar set, a dog walking kit, or a complete starter’s set? A dog starter kit contains everything you need when taking your dog for a first walk around the block or a run in the park. Every item in our collection has a unique design inspired by the color combinations that dominate the streets and urban sights that belong to New York City. That is why the durable pet accessories that make up a dog starter kit are available in beautiful bright colors such as green, lilac, pink, orange, and red.

Shop true pet essentials for your pup

Order a dog starter kit online and join Approved by Fritz’ revolution in becoming one of the most successful sustainable pet lifestyle brands in the United States. Contact us via to learn more about our collection and our story.