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Your pup is definitely the cutest doggo ever, but a lightweight, colorful and comfortable modern dog collar will make you pet even snazzier. In this, Approved by Fritz has you covered. Our mission is to create colorful and sustainable pet lifestyle products for the sophisticated dog owner. Your dog will look cooler than you with an aesthetic dog collar.

  • Sustainable pet products
  • Inspired by New York City
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Walk Your Dog in a Colorful, Modern Dog Collar That Is Durable and Lightweight

A stylish dog collar from our collection is an essential modern accessory that is both practical and aesthetic. Additionally, we produce our dog collars in eco-friendly circumstances and package and ship every order in recycled, compostable packaging for our environmentally conscious dog owners. At Approved by Fritz, you can purchase a high-quality, chic, and aesthetic dog collar with the following features:

  • Lightweight
  • Colorful
  • With a safety buckle
  • Easy to clean (lukewarm water and a touch of dishwater soap are enough after walking around the block or running in the park)
  • Assorted sizes (small, medium, and large)
  • Adjustable to custom neck size (can be worn by dogs from different breeds)

Are you not sure what size to pick? Check the size guide to find out the right fit for your little friend’s snazzy new modern dog collar.

An Aesthetic Dog Collar Inspired by the Streets of New York City

The designs of each aesthetic dog collar are inspired by the colorful, vibrant streets of New York City and the busy city lifestyle that comes along with it. During the lockdown, dog owners and their dogs kept the city alive. They showed the city's iconic love of color and sparkle, bringing beauty and happiness to the Big Apple even in the midst of the pandemic. What modern, durable dog collar suits your dog (and your style) best? Choose from beautiful, bright colors such as:


Order Your Favorite Aesthetic Dog Collar Online

Are you interested in purchasing a modern dog collar from Approved by Fritz, a vibrant, sustainable pet brand? Discover our eco-friendly collection, pick your favorite aesthetic dog collar, and place your order online. Do you have any questions? Please fill out our contact form or send an email to