Collection: Recycled poop bag holder red

Are you searching the internet for a recycled poop bag holder in the color red? Approved by Fritz is a New York-based sustainable pet lifestyle brand that offers a beautiful collection of durable dog essentials for every modern-day dog owner. Walking your dog is a daily activity, so why not make the function as fashionable as possible, and support the planet at once?

  • Sustainable pet products
  • Inspired by New York City
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A recycled poop bag holder in the color red inspired by NYC

A recycled poop bag holder from our collection is available in bright, lively colors such as red, pink, and green, that are inspired by the urban streets and buzzing lifestyle of New York City. The poop bag carrier is a multi-functional dog bags dispenser that is divided into three separate spaces that hold storage for at least one roll of (biodegradable) poopbags, a set of keys, and of course, some tasty treats for your four-legged friend. With the stainless steel swivel hook, you can easily attach the poop bag holder to your dog leash, so you will never forget to take it with you.

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