Collection: Waterproof leash

Walking your dog should be fun and stays that way with a waterproof leash that is easy to clean and odorless even when rained on. At Approved by Fritz, our rainproof leashes and other products are made in eco-friendly circumstances. We are a sustainable pet lifestyle brand based in New York that offers a wide range of durable essentials for today's dog owners.

  • Sustainable pet products
  • Inspired by New York City
  • Free shipping from $65
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But Is a Waterproof Leash Really Waterproof?

Our dog leashes are stylish and sustainable; they are inspired by the color combinations that dominate the streets of New York City. They are the best, not only because of their vibrant colors, but also because of their other characteristics:

  • The leash is not only waterproof, but it also has a stainless-steel coated D-ring and a swivel hook that makes it easy to adjust.
  • Adjustability makes them safe, secure, and comfortable for your dog at various stages of growth.
  • It promotes different ways of wearing: hands free, short or long leash.
  • The material used to make them is both sustainable and stylish.
  • They are made of PVC-coated nylon, and thus lightweight.


The adjustability of our leashes also makes it possible for you to adjust your control of the dog under different circumstances, such as when a larger or smaller dog approaches, or there are loud noises. Order a matching leash and collar set and a durable dog bag dispenser in any preferred color to create the ultimate look.

Mix and Match Your Favorite Collar and Leash

A waterproof leash from Approved by Fritz is a must-have item for every dog owner that is not afraid to stand out. Do you have specific questions about our collection, or would you like more information on our sustainable pet lifestyle products? Contact us via or fill out our contact form.