Collection: Biothane leash

A biothane leash from Approved by Fritz eliminates the feeling like you need a CDC-level decontamination protocol every time you walk your dog. Some traditional leashes absorb water, becoming fertile ground for all types of infestation. A biothane leash is essential when taking your dog out for a hike, where you will encounter snow, water, mud, algae, and other decomposable matter.

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Why Our Biothane Leash Is Ideal

We weave our leashes using an eco-friendly process, and therefore, all our products are as sustainable as possible. They also come in distinct colors that enable you to pick one that matches your cute canine's personality or code for an event. Choose from many different options like:


No matter the color biothane leash you choose, you will always benefit from the same advantages. Our leashes are lightweight, waterproof, sustainable, and stylish. They come with a stainless-steel coated D-ring and a swivel hook that makes it easy to adjust. This means the leashes are safe, secure, and comfortable for your dog at various stages of growth. It also allows you to determine how much control you have over the dog under different circumstances, such as walking through construction zones or crossing the street.

Purchase a Leash Made out of This Superb Alternative to Leather

A biothane leash from Approved by Fritz is a must-have item for serious canine training or a hike, especially if your dog is big and strong. Order it online and experience all the benefits yourself. Do you have specific questions about our collection, or would you like more information on our sustainable pet lifestyle products? Contact us via or fill out our contact form.