Collection: Soft dog collar

Get your pet a soft dog collar! Imagine wearing a choker made entirely of durable plastic. This is how some dog collars feel on your furry friend's neck. At Approved by Fritz, we offer a beautiful collection of eco-friendly, comfortable dog essentials. We are the go-to shop for pet owners who want to stand out while keeping their cute canines comfortable. Our cushioned dog collars contribute toward this goal.

  • Sustainable pet products
  • Inspired by New York City
  • Free shipping from $65
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A Soft Dog Collar Is a Stylish, Colorful, and Durable Accessory

Many people may be selling comfortable dog collars, but how it feels on your magnificent mutt's neck depends on how it feels to the touch. Our soft dog collar is the best, because:

  • The collars can be adjusted at the neck for a perfect fit for dogs of different ages and breeds.
  • They are coated with PVC making them lightweight, comfortable, and durable.
  • The material does not get stinky and it does not bother their skin/coat.
  • We use an eco-friendly production
  • Cleaning the soft dog collar is easy; all you need is a bit of lukewarm water, a little dishwater soap, and a clean tea towel.


Get a Lovely, Soft Collar for Your Pet

Whether you are looking to purchase a soft dog collar, an upcycled donut dog toy, or a complete dog walk kit, Approved by Fritz has got you covered. With our pet lifestyle products, you will provide your dog with all the proper care and show some love to the planet. Do you have any questions about our pet lifestyle products? Contact us via or fill out our contact form.