Our New Year's resolutions for 2023!

Our New Year's resolutions for 2023!

Happy New Year! 

We hope you had a fantastic New Years' eve and looked back with positive feelings to 2022. We are excited about what 2023 will bring us, and we can't wait to share our New Year's resolutions with you.

Keep on Training

Training your dog is key to getting the best relationship with your dog. It doesn't matter if your pooch is a pup or five years old, or big or small. All dogs like to train and better understand what you are actually trying to communicate. Just 10 minutes of training daily will show quick results! Don't blame yourself if you loosen it. Try to pick it up again!

Advocate more for dogs.

I'm a super social, but I don't want to say hi to everybody. So does Fritz. In this new year, I will say more no if people want to say hi. That's fine to say no to humans and dogs.

Keep on Brushing Fritz's Teeth

We started last year by brushing Fritz's teeth, and wow. That improves his oral health a lot! We make our simple toothpaste with baking soda and natural coconut oil, and Fritz loves it. 

Bake pet treats

On our to-do list for a long time, baking fritz some fresh oven-baked treats. It looks fun, and I would love to see how to bake healthy yummy treats that we can use for training and treat time. Anyone good recipes?

Try to be less of a Dog Mom.

This sounds weird, but this is important to share. Being a dog mom can be overwhelming, and I noticed last year that I was actually spending too much time with my dog—trying to get everything perfect for him. Just a friendly reminder for myself. Fritz will be okay!

Give Fritz more of me time.

This one is related to the previous resolution. Because I look at fritz a lot during the day, and I always try to bring Fritz everywhere I can. Of course, this is fun. However, as I look at myself, I love being alone and get some me time. Just leave him home when I go to the coffee shop (sometimes ;-))

Visit more Dog-Friendly Beaches

Nothing better than a beach walk with the dogs. Rain or shine, we love the beach. Did you know that they are dog-friendly car services that will ride you to the nearest beach in New York City? 

Last but not least

Keep on spoiling the dogs. They deserve it! A new leash, a new bed, or a new collar. Your dog will appreciate it. Oh, and a gift to your dog is a gift to yourself. Spoil your dog today. Buy 3 collars and get 2 Collars for Free! Discount will be automatically applied at check out.

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